Training and Strategic Facilitation


  • Gain knowledge that you can apply right away to your organization
  • Align staff  with vision and values
  • Learn to collaborate vs. cooperate
  • Increase innovation
  • Lead change successfully
  • Allow ideas to emerge and then become a reality
  • Understand and shape organizational culture
  • Increase communication impact
  • Engage with other Leaders
  • Transform as a leader
  • Gain confidence in leadership and direction

Leadership Challenges

Every industry is full of people in leadership positions who have learned about leadership through on the job training.  Leadership is a fascinating discipline and can be a difficult burden.  Those you lead depend on you.  Often, leaders are so busy trying to manage the fires they never take time out to learn how to lead effectively.  There is much more to leadership than any one conference or book can teach you.


Signature Leader Training:  A variety of leadership topics can be presented to your team or you can join a small group of leaders to engage in the workshops that speak to your area of interest.  Topics such as:

  • Developing an Organizational Culture without Motivational Posters;
  • Assessing Who Your Team Is and Isn’t;
  • Knowing when to Invest in a Person and When to Let them Go;
  • Creating a Time Management Strategy Based on You…Not the Other Guy;
  • Why is my Team Dysfunctional and How do I Fix It?;
  • Am I the Problem?!
  • Increasing Emotional Intelligence
  • Understanding What Motivates: Moving beyond a Carrot and Stick Approach

Strategic Planning:  Our collaborative sessions enable clients to tackle complex issues, identify mission-critical opportunities, and rapidly build organizational alignment and action.  Results-Based ConversationsTM are built upon the belief that people buy into that which they help create.  Depending on the design, sessions can take half a day to two days.  This process was created by the Wild Works Group and has helped corporations such as, JC Penney’s, Cox Communications, Baylor University, Willow Creek Association, and AT&T achieve their objectives.  Now the same process is available to you through Signature Leadership.

Leadership Coaching:  To ensure the best implementation of training and strategic facilitation at least one coaching session is included as a follow up.