“Working with Jonathan, has been great! Jonathan has helped me gain clarity of my Business Leadership Role. Also he has been instrumental in formulation of structure, planning, and ultimately is helping me take my business to the next level. I would highly recommend Jonathan King and Signature Leadership to any business/church/non-profit. His insight and approach to leadership is communicated well. It is unique to me (my company needs) and what I want to accomplish in life as well as in business. Not a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach, Jonathan is a must for anyone in any Leadership Role!”

Brad Bergamini

The Bergamini Group


“When I initially hired Jonathan as a business coach, I was skeptical that the services being offered would be of much benefit. But by our second meeting with Jonathan I was pleased we made the decision to contract with Signature Leadership. Jonathan has a unique ability to bring clarity to business and personal vision and was very instrumental in helping us realize and achieve our goals. I would highly recommend Jonathan to any company considering a professional business coach with proven results.”

Chad Nanke

Realty Executives Northern Arizona


“When Jonathan heard about the vision we had for creating Sweet on the Vine, he was quite enthusiastic and supportive of our dream…    We set up several meetings where he helped us focus on a number of issues imperative to creating a successful organization.  He helped us recognize our core values and what my leadership style was.  Additionally, he helped us determine the strengths and weaknesses we were bringing, thus, what kind of people we needed to balance our weaknesses on our leadership team.

I found his insights and directions for holding our first Board of Directors Retreat to be invaluable.  Because of his direction, we were able to have a highly productive meeting in which we accomplished numerous goals, which Jonathan helped me prepare ahead of time.  Our Board was so impressed with what I told them about him that they eventually authorized me to offer him a job with our organization.  Unfortunately for us, but fortunate for other organizations in need of his skill set, he declined.

We know Jonathan to be a man of the highest integrity.  He is soft spoken, with easy manners and pleasant to communicate with.  The way his mind works in combination with excellent listening skills allows him to easily cut through fluff and get right to the core of the issue.  And, although I do prefer more direct comments, his style of asking inductive questions certainly helped us think through the positions, beliefs and direction for our forming organization.

If you are looking for someone who can mentor you or your staff, or help your forming organization launch in the right direction, I would recommend you take a serious look at what Jonathan King can do to make your process much more productive and efficient.”

Robyn Smith

President & Founder

Sweet on the Vine


“Working with Jonathan King for 7 years provided me with a unique perspective as to his specific coaching skills.  He led each member of his team to understand their role and to achieve higher levels of performance.  One of his principle responsibilities as Pastor of Involvement in a large Christian Church in Tucson was to assist people in discovering their passions and abilities. As my supervisor and coach, he challenged me with thought provoking questions which helped me discover and pursue opportunities that I might have otherwise been overlooked. He is capable of navigating a wide variety of scenarios ranging from individual needs to large group setting.

Cindy DeJong

Life Development Pastor

Pantano Christian Church


“Jonathan King is a man of deep integrity who leads from both the head and the heart. He is a very smart man who understands people’s individual and collective motivations and is able to guide and encourage them for the collective good. Whether it be in a pastoral, management or entrepreneurial capacity I would love to get the opportunity to work with Jonathan again.”

John Thomas

Lead Software Engineer